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Copyright Statement

In order to protect the intellectual property rights of electronic resources, to maintain the reputation of Huazhong University of Science and Technology and to guarantee the legal rights of all authorized users as well, the library appeals to all the organizations and individuals to pay attention to and comply with the regulations on intellectual property rights of electronic resources.


  1. Users are forbidden to download the library-subscribed electronic resources in bulk by any software tools.
  2. Users are forbidden to download, browse or search library-subscribed databases continuously, systematically, intensively and excessively. (Since various database vendors give different definition of what is “abuse”, the library could not set a unified standard. Generally, if the time of downloading exceeds normal reading speed, the database vendors regard it as “abusing”. Normally, it takes several minutes to read a document.)
  3. Users are forbidden to share their personal accounts with non-HUST users and any use of these electronic literatures for the purpose of making profits is prohibited.
  4. Users are forbidden to set up proxy server for non-HUST users to access the library-subscribed electronic resources.


If there is any serious violation of the above rules, we will suspend the violator’s network account, or even suspend all the users’ IP in his affiliated unit. The violator will be reported to the university and shall take all the legal consequences. All the library users are encouraged to assist the library in maintaining the interest of HUST teachers and students. Thank you!

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